Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jump Start the Buggie

I've found some FANTASTIC jumpsuits at the salvation army (similar to Goodwill). This one was about $10. I have a couple of ideas in mind about how I'm going to wear it. I kind of like it on it's own though, it doesn't need much.
thrifted jumpsuit


  1. Isn't the Salvation ARmy fantastic! I see you are from Florida and I from Mississippi>
    SA must be the South's goodwill} anyway I love the jumpsuit Great Find! Thank u for stopping by and leaving a comment and nice to meet you. I will be visiting your blog often>

  2. Oh wow I love it, just $10!? The neck detail is fantastic. Thanks for checking out my blog, look forward to seeing more from yours! =)

  3. it looks great on you .
    its hard for me to find anything thrifted that fits well in the leg area .
    but i see you've done nicely for yourself

  4. thanx...i meant to tell you that those jessica simpson shoes you thrifted are Ridsiculous! i never find new stuff. i a actually surprised by her line, much better than most "celeb collections" i must say, i usually find myself wanting at least a a few pairs from each season

  5. veryyy cool jumpsuit, you are totally rocking it out! xx