Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blown Away

Today was chilly and windy. Florida's weather can be so unpredictable. Anyway, I bought these lovely Jessica Simpson shoes from a consignment store for 10 bucks. The stores here aren't that great, so my first stops are always goowill, salvation army, thrift stores and consignment stores. I'm also very cheap and I refuse to pay crazy prices for things that are just not worth it. Being a college student limits me a bit also, lol.
  1. Thrifted blazer
  2. charlotte russe shirt
  3. express dress
  4. F21 thights
  5. Jessica Simpson shoes


  1. Oh, i could definitely use a Goodwill! Here the whole thirsting-style is not really common, maybe you have a few hand me downs from your mom/other relatives, but that's it. There're a few vintage stores, but they're incredibly pricey.
    Great buy on the shoes, i've always been curious about Jessica Simpson's shoes.

  2. Gorgeous shoes - aren't Jessica Simpson heels so comfortable? xo

  3. i really like her shoes surprisingly...how high are those?

  4. i love this look. gey with blue is one of my fave. colour combinations. and your shoes makes such a bold statement:)

  5. what consignment store do you go to?! i've tried to do goodwill or salvation army but always walk out dissapointed!

  6. this is a fabulous look.....the colour on the shoes are soooo beautiful so r the details and the price is even more glorious!!!